Our Thanks!
The Portable Take Along Patient Lift was designed in collaboration with people who have written in to describe their needs and share their thoughts.  Many thanks to everyone who has written in with their ideas and suggestions.  We actively encourage your comments on the Portable Take Along Patient Lift, our WEB site, or any other product needs or ways that we may serve you better.  Following are some comments from users of our lift.

What People Are Saying...

WOW!  I can't tell you how satisfied I am with my Take Along. When traveling I am now able to get my wife to the toilet easily. Putting her in bed is now a snap.  Simple tasks that everyone takes for granted are real challenges for someone who is unable to walk. As my wife's care giver there were times I thought my back would give out. Thankfully I found your Take Along.

Robert K.

Oakland Gardens, NY

Lift was so perfect for my Mother for many many years ...– What a wonderful product!

Best of Luck to You! And Thank You for making my life easier!

Edras G.

San Leandro, CA

I love love LOVE the lift. It is the only way my husband can be home. Thank you. I would be glad to write a recommendation any time or answer a potential clients questions.

Karen W.

Converse, IN

Thanks for all your effort in getting the Take a long for delivery. I am very happy to let you know it is set up in our family room. The fact we ordered it last Friday and it was on our doorstep this morning was fantastic. As well you have an instruction booklet that is so simple I even understood it. No university degree in engineering needed. Hopefully my son will get to use it by the weekend. Again thanks for all your promptness. 

Dave B.

Ontario, Canada

First I want to Thank you for an excellent product.  It took me awhile to get it, but worth the  wait. The wait was me not you..

My teenage son is profoundly handicapped.  Because we like to travel, your lift was our first choice.  

He was able to sit up, but used one arm/hand to support himself. So we had 6 months of physical therapy .. to sit unassisted by his arm before we finally ordered your lift!

It is everything you advertised and more...  

Thank you again for a terrific product!   I'm already showing your brochure to everyone

Candie H.

Jacksonville, FL

Dear Sir, I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for selling me the Take-Along Lift! This is a “back saver”. My mom weighs about 170, and when she has doctor appointments it was a nightmare trying to transfer her from chair to car and vice versa. And it also works great around the house as well. Thank you, thank you, 😊😊😊😊!!

Jerry W.

Lena, MS

We are very pleased with the PTA we ordered from you.  We have used it several times to put my daughter in the car"...
Judith and I are getting a lot faster at putting her in the car. Can't tell you how much we appreciate your help... The joy has come back into Tammy's life, thanks to the TakeAlongLift. She likes nothing better than to go for a ride in the car.

Her Mom Peggy and Her sister Judith

Lift received in good condition...tried it on 
myself and it looks as though it will be  a Godsend to us ...daughter that we purchased this for lives in home about 70 miles from us....lift will enable us to bring her home more often....
Thank you so very much.

Frank W.

As previous medical director for a 14 bed Acute Rehab Unit, would have recommended numerous times, instead of substantially more awkward devices.

Dr. Richard F.

Recently, on two different cruises (Princess and Crystal) we had the opportunity to do field trial with a new prototype travel lift.  My mother has quadriplegia due to MS, and we were getting to the point where we could no longer easily travel (at home we have a ceiling mounted track lift).  The opportunity has given us new horizons!  The inventor was very good about implementing changes that we recommended from our trials and is now marketing this device.  It is not cheap, but if you are looking for a travel lift option, this may be for you.  It weighs about 50 pounds, is very compact, rolls easily into and out  of the airport (no need to carry the lift) and in ship and hotel bathrooms on both carpet and tile, and can be easily operated by one person.  We don't own stock in the company or have any other financial interest...just wanted to let you know about it.

Kathy D.

San Diego, CA

Thank you for expediting the shipment of my TakeAlongLift that I received on Friday and used within the hours immediately following.  I am so thoroughly pleased with the product that I would delight in sharing my experience with others.
In providing care for an individual who is unable to stand or assist in transfer, this lift was the perfect solution for assistance not only at home, but more importantly in our frequent travels.  The lift comes fully assembled with just a minor adjustment needed. I found it very easy to operate, and both my relative and I were comfortable with the ease of operation and the stability of the product.  The product eliminates the need for delaying travel or other activities for an individual who requires maximum assistance in standing or transfer.  It opens up a new window of experiences and opportunities for the family member and the caretaker in being able to provide immediate transfer/mobility as needed in and around the myriad of places required. The lift fits easily in and around furniture and is a tremendous assist in automobile transfer.  We were traveling within hours of receipt of the lift and felt very comfortable in our new found independence. 
Although I have had the lift only a few days, it is difficult to imagine what I experienced without this product.   Thank you again and I am delighted to have found your company and to have done business with you.

Dr. R. Smith

Fort Washington MD

I wanted to let you know how well your product has worked for my wife and me.  The take-along lift has solved a major problem by making it possible to provide proper toileting while on trips.  ...   
It's narrow, and compact, design makes it possible to load and maneuver my wife through most bathroom doorways, and provides needed security while on the toilet.  It is easy to transfer the lift in and out of our minivan and hotel rooms.  I recommend the take-along lift for anyone facing similar problems.  It's at least worth a try. Your money-back guarantee  (if not satisfied), and technical support over the internet, have made the purchase of the take-along lift a relatively stress-free experience.

Jim W.

Glendora, CA

We just wanted you to know that the lift seems to be working out very well. We are able to transport my brother from place to place with very little problem.  The lift relieves the physical strain not only on him, but on us as well.
We appreciate your promptness and assistance in ordering this lift.  We will highly recommend your products to anyone who may need them.
Once again, thank you for all your help.


Logan Sport, IN

"Excellent piece of equipment!"

"I wanted it mainly for toileting and it works great for that."

"The general design is good."

"It was a great help when we were on ships."

"The Take Along Lift has provided a lot of residents to go out  of the facility with family members.  The residents who use the lift are happy to get out every now and then."

"We love our Take Along Lift,  couldn't be without it."

"I purchased one of your portable lifts in November and it works great.  It makes life much easier to have a lift that we can pack-up and take with us.  Thanks for making it."


Gettysburg, PA

"I have had your lift for 2 weeks and it works fine in assisting me to the bathroom.  It is well engineered, quality workmanship, and uniquely designed."


"I've been meaning to write ever since we got the lift (last month!)...   I want you to know that the Take-Along has worked miracles for us!  We use it constantly, and can't imagine how we got along without it.  I can't tell you what a relief it is for us to see my petite, 79-year-old mom able to lift and maneuver my 85-year-old, 180 lb. dad!!  We live about a half hour's drive from them, so she's on her own with him all day.  I drive up there most every night to help her get him to bed; we were all thumbs at first, but now we're getting quite efficient as a team, throwing those straps on and cranking away (very carefully, of course!).
My dad is in the advanced stages of Alzheimer's Disease...  Also, if he feels the least bit unstable, he becomes very frightened, and his arms and legs flail uncontrollably.  Because of this, we knew that a Hoyer type of "dangling" lift would never work.  Your lift, though, is perfect.  He just sits there securely in the sling, calmly and happily whistling "Chopsticks" (his usual habit!) without ever batting an eye.  I don't think he's even aware that he's being lifted/maneuvered.
Obviously, a lot of thought and care went into your design, which we recognize and appreciate.  We were amazed to see that the lift fits ANYWHERE in the house, including the bathroom.  Not only does it fit around the toilet (which is in a very tight little corner), but it will also then turn 180 degrees (it really turns on a dime!), enabling us to sit dad down on a tub bench which we can then slide into the bath...  We use both the slings, and they work equally well (dad doesn't seem to mind being in the open sling at all!)...   we've had no problems whatsoever.  The lever that switches between the two positions of the feet (wide and narrow), works smoothly and easily. Thanks to those two positions, we can use the lift anywhere in our house, in any situation.  We haven't tried putting him in the car yet, but I'm sure it'll work--I'm looking forward to it (after we've tested and practiced the maneuver on ourselves first)!
Sorry it took so long for me to write, especially considering how appreciative we are.  Every health care worker who's seen dad has raved about the lift, so we always give them your website info.  Dad's doctor, in particular, was so impressed with what she saw on the website (before we got the lift) that she wrote a glowing recommendation to mom's insurance company, stating that the lift was a "medical necessity" for mom to be able to keep dad at home.  ...  Mom REALLY wants to keep dad at home as long as possible, and I'm convinced that he'd be in a nursing home by now if it weren't for that lift.
So, thank you so much for a wonderful product--we're truly glad we found you in time."

Karen F.

The lift arrived this afternoon and it is PERFECT!!!!  It is everything I hoped it would be and more!  I was very surprised by how easy it was to lift my husband.  Thank you, for taking so much stress off ME!


I have been using the "Take-Along Lift" for a little over a year with my 83 year old father, and I do not know what we would do with out it! As a post polio victim he rapidly progressed into a wheelchair. A wheelchair van was unaffordable, a car attachment impractical. This lift was the obvious alternative! The Take-Along Lift has more then paid for it self! We have used it coming home from hospitalizations, a multitude of doctors visits, going to see Christmas lights ect! Every place we go, someone stops to ask where we got that neat lift! I am happy to pass on the information on the Take Along Lift! Much gratitude on a wonderful product! 

Laura D

Virginia Beach

Hello again!
You have a happy customer.  I took my mother-in-law on her first outing with the Take-a-Long.  She had an eye appointment.  I did take it down to two pieces and was impressed how easy it was.  I took it into the Dr.’s office and used it to lift her into the exam chair.  The nurse absolutely loved it and inquired about it.  She thinks that she will check out your website and might order one for their office...
Thank you for your speedy service and nice piece of equipment.

Louise G.

Mahomet, IL

We are still using your lift that I purchased over a year ago. I use it for my 91 year old Mother and don't know what I would do without it.
I have referred several people to your site and even my Mom's Orthoipedic Doc was very impressed as we used it to get her on and off of the X-Ray table ...
Thanks again for your great product, it has made a world of difference in our lives. I take it with me in the van, just in case we get stuck somewhere etc. Otherwise I have no idea how I would be able to get my Mom in and out of her motorized wheelchair.  I can't say enough about the lift!!


San Leandro, CA

The Take-Along Lift is excellent!!  I can now place Mom into my car - we can travel - thank you for such a wonderful invention.  I have been asked a lot about the lift so I am referring everyone to you.  Thanks again. 


Ontario, Canada

I manage to get my critiques out much faster then my thank you's! My thank you is for the piece of padding you supplied, but the real thanks is for the freedom you have allowed my wife Irene with your great lift. I show it to everyone connected with our hospital and therapy section, yet no one has seen it prior to my showing them. My hope is that they may have a patient that has a need for a piece of equipment like this and to enhance their life like it has ours.


McCormick, SC  

I wanted to let you know that we received the lift sling on time and were able to make use of it on our vacation.  My husband and I travel in a motorhome with a wheelchair lift.  Steven is unable to make chair-to-chair transfers without considerable assistance.  The take-along-lift was very useful in transferring Steven from his wheelchair to the passenger seat.  Because of its ease, it is much easier now to transfer Steven in and out of his wheelchair, even for short excursions outside the motorhome and therefore greatly enhances his experience when travelling.  It also makes it much easier on my back! Thanks again for your prompt service and useful product.



The lift arrived even a few hours earlier than we had expected, and we have already been successful in using it several times today.  I can't begin to tell you how much I appreciate all the help and support you gave me in purchasing the lift.  I sincerely believe that it will be the best thing that I could possibly have done to provide safe, secure and comfortable transfer of my sister between her bed and wheelchair.   
She adapted immediately to its use and indicated that she felt no discomfort or fear in our initial uses. As a matter of fact, she seemed to enjoy it!  As time goes by and we become more proficient in using the lift, I am sure that we will be able to provide much safer and better care for her.
The lift is perfect for our confined space and is extremely easy to maneuver.  I am looking forward to using it in the days ahead and becoming familiar with all its possibilities.
I just wanted you to know of our initial success and to thank you again for your fine service.  I must say I have never received such prompt, professional, personal service from any company or organization before.  I wish that I could write your Governor or Better Business Bureau or someone to officially sing your praises!  If you ever need an affidavit from a customer, please do not hesitate to contact me.  


Gaffney, SC

I just wanted to tell you that my Mom will be 94 in a couple of months and
we are still using your lift... The lift works as well as the first day we used it over 4 years ago and we use it for transfers everyday. I still marvel at how it makes my life so easy compared to using a hoyer lift...
 I truly don't know how we would manage without it, manage is probably all we would be able to do...
Thanks again for making our daily routine so much easier. How wonderful it
must be to know that you have touched so many lives in such a positive way.


San Leandro, CA

I am enjoying my TakeAlongLift.  My family can get me into just about any vehicle with it.  It is so nice to take a long trip in a regular van seat again.  Also folds up as nicely as a manual wheelchair, and the light weight makes it very easy to load up in the back of the van.  

Dr. P

Durham, NC

I had the great fortune of purchasing a PTA for my friend earlier this year.  I cannot tell you how much this has changed her life.  We have enjoyed countless outings together which never would have been possible without the device.  To name a few:  She has in recent months been able to have Easter dinner at home with her family and go to her son's beachfront engagement party.  There are literally hundreds of other trips we have taken using the PTA.  I cite these specifically because these are trips to which she could not have gotten using the only other available transportation, which is the public handicapped bus.  This summer we are looking forward to even more outings.  In addition to the short-term recreational value of these outings, she is benefiting emotionally, spiritually and psychologically by having her horizons so vastly broadened.  I thought you would be interested to know that many people have watched us in amazement as we have embarked/disembarked from the PTA.  The learning curve for using the device is extraordinary.  It gets much easier to use over time, and one develops little nuances which makes it even easier still.  

Dan M.


I received the lift last week and have begun working with the PSWs and the lift and me ... Things are working very well and interest in your product is growing with all the positive experiences!
Thanks again for all your help and an excellent product.  Your customer service is outstanding and I thank you for the support you have provided.
With thanks,


I'm glad to hear of your sling updates.  I think those changes will make a big difference for us.  Thank you for your email; I am overwhelmed with the quick service your company provides.  I have sent payment online.  By the way, I hope you get more SC customers.  I have recommended these lifts to several people who indicated they would probably be purchasing them.  I honestly do not know what I would have done without mine.  It has made it possible for me to give care to my sister at home instead of placing her in a nursing home.  If I can ever be of help to you please let me know. I am your most enthusiastic customer!  Thanks again.



Exactly one year ago, Cindy and I were riding on the state handicapped bus when the driver informed us that due to cutbacks most of our regular outings were going to be discontinued. He went on to say that there was no bus service on Christmas, meaning that Cindy could not get out to spend Christmas with her family. It was then and there that we started looking into alternatives to the handicapped bus, and that was how we providentially encountered the two of you and your life-giving machine.
This year we took a sunset cruise down the Connecticut River and saw three bald eagles in flight. We took another cruise around the Thimble Islands off the Branford coast. We also took a sunset cruise around New York City and out to the Statue of Liberty, as well as another cruise down the Hudson River Valley. We drove up to Vermont to enjoy the foliage this autumn. We had picnics along the Connecticut River, Lake Waramaug, and Long Island Sound. And best of all, Cindy was able to be with her family for Thanksgiving dinner, as well as her birthday (which was last week), and she is looking forward to being with them this year for Christmas, for the first time since her illness robbed her of the use of her legs.
The other night we were driving back from her Bingo game at the VFW Hall, and she said to me, "This was a good year." More than anything, she meant that her frequent outings were making her life enjoyable again.
I thought you should know how grateful we are for you and for this device, with which hers is the whole world and everything that's in it.



In May of last year we purchased a lift from you... the lift is awesome by the way, we would recommend it to anyone!  It is perfect especially for travel and so easy to use, so use my comments, I will also post another link to your lift on the muscular dystrophy communities we frequent.

Jane D.

Edmunton, OK

I just wanted to let you know that I picked up the lift from Eureka last Friday and the lift works very well for me!  I am thrilled and it has taken away a lot of stress from my life!  It is a huge benefit to me. 


Kimberly, BC, Canada

The "TakeAlongLift" has been a blessing since we got it a few months ago. I look after my senior parents full time & it was so difficult trying to care for my 87 yr old dad. He can stand very very little & at times not at all. I would use the transfer belt to get my dad from the bed to the wheelchair & visa versa. Also from the wheelchair to the toilet & visa versa. It was getting to the point that I dreaded transferring my dad as with his 185 lb near dead weight it was quite an adventure. Plus at times in the transfer my dad made a complaint that his knee twisted a bit thus he felt pain.  So in a web search I found the "TakeAlongLift" web page. The lift looked so practical. The local senior supply stores rented out their lifts at $180 per month !!! Quick math & it would add up if my dad lived for 5-10 or whatever years. To buy one was like $4000 or more. Thus the TakeAlongLift was a very good deal compared to other over-kill lifts.
 Well as mentioned we bought the "TakeAlongLift" & it has now been so safe & easy to do the transfers! Caring for my dad is not as stressful. 
So safe for him & easy on my body as I do not have to use the transfer belt anymore. To give a score out of a 100 I would give the lift 100/100 !!! Yes it's that good. Alex of TakeAlongLift was very friendly & helpful. He responded quickly to our emails. Within a short time of my first email of inquiry,the delivery of the "lift"was at our door.
Very good service indeed as the "lift" was sent from east USA to Vancouver ( Richmond ) BC Canada on the west coast. 
"Thumbs Up" "5 Stars"  Very happy customer.
Highly recommend this product & honest co. 


Richmond BC, Canada

This has been such a wonderful help to us.  I have progressive MS and after just a bit of practice we were able to use the lift to keep a much needed ophthalmologist appointment.  One extra help we found was to use our ceiling attached lift to place me in the split sling -- this seemed to do a better job than trying to pull the "shirt tail" in place.  Thank you for such a helpful piece of equipment--so many people tell me they "never thought" about the difficulty people like me would have seeing a dentist or a doctor.



Just to let you know that the lifter arrived safely just over a week ago. It was very well packed and so easy to make operational. The simplicity of the design and quality of the product was excellent. The unit folds easily and is very compact. I can put it into the boot of the car with relative ease. We have used the lifter to transfer Barbara into and out of the car as well as the more normal transfers. In summary, we have been very impressed with your service and the performance of the lifter. Thank you very much.



I purchased a Take Along Lift for my mother back in July of 2011, and it was a Godsend. Although we only needed to use it for a few weeks, I credit Mom’s caregiver and the Take Along Lift for getting her back on her feet in just a few weeks, and it greatly improved her quality of life.



It was a pleasure doing business with you.
As discussed, your lift enables a wife in her 70's to transfer her husband between bed, wheelchair, and van, and is THE reason the husband could live at home over these past two years, instead of at a care facility. What a wonderful product.
God bless you all.


I used the lift today for the first time with my father. It was very successful and very easy to take him in and out of the car. I will definitely recommend your product to others.
Thanks for sending the slings and grommets so promptly.



FYI. We use the lift taking it back and forth from the car to the condo for carrying groceries and luggage when traveling. Ideal for any weight up to 300#, any object, anytime, anywhere. 
Great lift. 

Bill + Candice 

Ontario. Canada

Hi Alex,

The Take-Along Lift we ordered for our daughter is an answer to prayer and a 2 year long search. It works wonderfully for her and is going to allow us (we are in our late 50s and she is almost 40) to get her into the car and take her places. While not mentally impaired, she is very physically disabled and can't walk but is able to control her upper body enough to utilize your lift.  Thanks so much for your inventions and your quick shipment of this wonderful takealong lift.



I purchased a lift from you in December. It is as advertised - even better.



I want to thank you.  The take along lift helps me more than words could ever say. It is a joy to me,gives me back some independence I can move this apparatus with such ease. The wheelchair I have to move back and forth to make around corners,  this moves with ease.  I highly recommend it to all disabled. I am seventy five and I can handle this easily. Just watch the video it is what you see.  It will change your life, it did mine. God bless you and you are certainly in my prayers,I am so indebted to you.



Folks, I just wanted to tell you that the lift worked absolutely fabulously, the answer to our prayers.  Just wanted to thank you guys so much.  You have no idea what a help this thing is going to be.



I would like to order only a seat sling and extension straps for our 10 year old PTA. The PTA has been a God send in helping me take care of my husband with Muscular Dystrophy. I am so pleased with it that I have recommended it to several people here in our condo development.
Thank you



I purchased the TakeAlongLift in June of this year.  It works exceptionally well for our needs, transferring from the bed to the wheel chair and from the wheel chair into the VW Jetta. 



Dear Take Along Lift--

We use our Take Along Lift for my mother, and we love it...and we have used it almost daily, for transfers into bed, over the past two years...This lift has been a real life saver, a really great product. THANK YOU FOR MAKING IT!!



Dear Sirs,
Some time ago my wife and I bought one of your Portable Transfer Aids (maybe a year and a half ago), since then it has really saved everyone involved. Danny is active every day, gets around more than I do.  Danny's lift has been wonderful.



Hola Alex:

You should be very proud of your product. I can tell you had invested long hours to achive such great performance.

My father is not in town but I already triedit with assistance of my daugther and it works terrific.

Many thanks, 


Metepec, México

I just wanted to tell you how wonderful your lift is. I use it with my 15 year old daughter. She is a quadriplegic, with some use of left hand, almost no control of her body, but when I put her in the sling to transfer her from her bed to wheelchair or bathchair. She actually seems to have more control, even on her weakest days the sling just really helps with positioning. I just want to say thank you for such a great piece of equipment. It has really saved my back. I am still learning, at first i was afraid it would pinch but she would say go and the more I use it the more confident I am becoming. 



The lift is working out very well for us.  Thank you very much!



I received my lift last Friday. I used it today and I am very happy with the performance.



Words cannot express how impressed I am both with your company and with this lift. It is going to make things so much easier with my husband and to bring him home to me in Illinois. Thanks again for everything. 




Our lift has been in daily use since 2007! We like it very much. Thank you.



My wife recently had a stroke that confines her to a wheelchair. I searched for a product that would lift her into a car. I discovered the Take-Along lift. It is innovative and works amazingly well and best of all it is Made In America. 



Thank you!  We got the lift yesterday and tested it out today for the first time in and out of our van and wheelchair. Wow!  What a blessing.  Works great!  Thank you for this wonderful invention!  Brings freedom and ease of travel.



We purchased a lift from you about 6 months ago. The need arose because my wife was diagnosed with ALS.  The lift was exceptional and allowed us to extended her stay at home because of the ease of one person operation. Thank you for that!!.


ON, Canada

Oh and I just wanted to say this lift is amazing and you all have a great product at an affordable price.

Thank you so much!



I want to express my extreme satisfaction and gratitude for your outstanding customer service!

Thank you so much!



The lift has been so helpful to me in taking care of my disabled husband. Thank you.



We have had our lift since 2013. It has been a wonderful help to us as I have m.s. and we are able to travel on cruises, etc.   Thanks for your help.



Still utilizing your wonderful Take Along Lift with great success. We’ve told so many people about this lift who marveled at it’s incredible simplicity and functionality. God bless,

Lynne and husband Andy 



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New Milford, CT

At Take-Along Lifts LLC, our mission is to provide improved mobility and quality of life to disabled individuals, while protecting health care providers from the risk of injury.

Founded in 1999, we’ve helped hundreds of caregivers improve the quality of life for their disabled family and friends by allowing them to more easily leave their homes and get back out into the world!